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Beer Food

Craft Americana

We’ve got a NEW menu, and it’s all centered around craft Americana foods – foods we’ve found go great with our favorite brews and classic cocktails. If you wanna throw down, try our NEW Liquid Nitrogen Burger or our Reuben, which once won “Best Sandwich in the City” by the Charlotte Observer. We’ve got hand cut, twice fried French fries to go alongside. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, get one of our delicious tacos or a salad. Then we’ve got oysters – brought in seasonally – that are great to share at the table.  Really, it’s all the best foods in life that go down with a great drink. Glad you’re here!


Artisan Cured Meats by Salumi – 16

cocoa-cinnamon-chipotle mole, orange peel cardamom salumi, guanciale, prosciutto

Local Veggie Crudite – 8

burrata cream, olive oil, flaky salt

Wings – 10

choose from thai chili, sorghum sriracha, honey bbq, jerk or three pepper hot sauce

French Fries – 4

hand cut, twice fried, chef’s aioli*

Spiced Maple Syrup-Candied Bacon Nuts – 8

roasted pecans, almonds, peanuts and macadamia nuts

Duck Confit Potato Skins – 8

gruyere, bacon, chives, togarashi sour cream

Soup of the Day – 5

(on the house, just ask)


Raw on the Half Shell*  MKT

check our daily varietals

Roasted Oysters  15

mole salami, swiss chard, brie

Oyster Shooter  8

vodka, cocktail sauce


(Mains are served with fries, broccoli salad or soup; swap a salad +2. Gluten free bread available.)

Liquid Nitrogen Burger  16

american cheese, nitro muddled herb aioli*, bread & butter pickles, gem lettuce served medium rare on brioche bun

Maine Lobster Roll  20

fresh tarragon, parsley mayo, buttered roll

Cauliflower Sloppy Joe  11

open faced sourdough topped with bread & butter pickles


Turkey Avocado  13

multi-grain bread, smoked turkey breast, avocado, crispy pancetta, sunflower sprouts, cashew cilantro cream

Cashew Cilantro Grain Bowl  15

quinoa chickpeas, cucumber, tomato, roasted cashews, avocado, cashew-cilantro drizzle

Reuben  15

corned beef (or turkey), sriracha russian dressing, swiss, purple slaw, juniper berry sauerkraut, marble rye


(add fried chicken +4  |  add tempeh +3)
Gem Lettuce – 14

gem lettuce, radish, avocado, apple, togarashi pumpkin seeds, cashew-cilantro dressing

Kale Caesar – 12

brioche crouton, parmesan, white anchovies

Corn off the Cob – 13

roasted corn, tomato, blue cheese, bacon, hard boiled egg on romaine w roasted tomato ranch


Fried Chicken Taco  4

red hot honey sauce, purple cabbage jalapeño peppers, avocado aioli*

Pork Belly Taco  4

broccoli slaw, crispy wontons

Tempeh Taco  4

cherry pepper aioli*, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, lemon


hand cut twice fried french fries 4
broccoli salad 4
house salad 6
purple slaw 4
soup (daily) 5


Frozen Honey Doughnuts with Whipped Cream – 5
Brownie Sundae – 6